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StudentCompared to the era of paper textbooks, now knowledge is no longer black and white on the books to students, class becomes more interesting because students are involved to take notes, click the hyperlinks, and enjoy the video and audio. Moreover, feedback can be provided timely to teachers.

“I am too shy to raise questions in class or in front of my classmate. But things go different since we start using, The communication between me and teacher become much easier which encourage me to consult actively”
---- Sam, 9 -year-old, grade 3, Beijing

Students can hand over homework electronically without time and space limitation. No more schoolbags to carry in weekend and holidays, and with mobile devices that are installed with the ai3xue platform, students are able to finish their homework freely.
In addition, Ai3xue facilitates the development of learning community, where student can make friends, share interests and communicate learning experiences.

“I met my best friend Katy in the learning community of Ai3xue, she is one grade ahead and share the same interest in music with me so we go to study piano at weekend. I can ask her for help on my paperwork when we do homework together.”
----- Barbara, 10-year-old, grade 4, Guangzhou

ParentsThe rising cost of textbook prices weigh heavily on parents’ budgets, Ai3xue e-Learning solution can help to lessen huge expenses on textbook and other unnecessary costs.

“Hundreds of dollars are spent on textbook, reference book every semester, it’s really a big expense to us. And it is annoying to find ways to resell the used-textbook because they are really space-occupied. Now schools start using Ai3xue which benefits children for happy learning and us parents as well.”
----- Mrs.Lin, Nanjing

Additionally, “Ai3xue” enhances the communication between parents and teachers to facilitate follow-up problems and give feedback timely.

“Normally I only met my child’s teachers in the parent/teacher meeting after midterm or final exam, and so do most of the parents. But now with ‘Ai3xue’, I can talk to teachers online about my kid’s performance, it is really great.”
------ Mr. Chan, Chengdu

TeacherAs the key to education, teachers can edit and arrange teaching content based on the syllabus through “Ai3xue”, which is protected by copyright. It helps attract students’ attention by using multimedia to add more amusements to the class.

“Due to early exposure of IT products, teachers need to keep up the pace and put more effort on developing teaching methods, such as using multimedia, in case students feel bored.”
------ Miss Huang, Math teacher of primary school, Kunming

In the traditional teaching methods, students are required to hand over paper homework to teacher. Not only it’s environmentally-unfriendly, it is also inconvenient to carry around. However, with “Ai3xue”, teachers only need a tablet for correcting students’ homework. The assessment module provides data analysis for teaching improvement.

“In the past, I have to carry a big tote bag every day to carry 50 pieces of homework, if not, I need to stay late at school to correct these homework. But things go easier since we start use ‘Ai3xue’, I can correct assignments whenever I am on bus or at home.”
------ Mrs. Zhang, English teacher of middle school, Zhengzhou

Furthermore, teacher can have realtime communication with parents if they find the signs of trouble on students.

KindergartenThe teaching material created by “Ai3xue” is easy to use, even for kids. With the help of MaestroEDU, JoyReaderEDU and EducationCloud, teaching and learning become full of fun and creativity. The teaching quality can be improved so does the reputation of schools.

“We know how important education is to kids in the age of enlightenment, that’s why we choose ‘Ai3xue’ e-Learning solution. Since we promote ‘Ai3xue’, kids learn with pleasure and willing to know more about the new things.”
------ Director Li, Kindergarten administration office, Tianjin

“As the first kindergarten to adopt ‘Ai3xue’, we do have some concerns in the first place. However, along with the great results, more and more parents contact us and want to send their child here. We have to recruit more teachers and nurses for the kindergarten expanding”
------ Mr. Chan, Principal’s office, Shanghai

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