Why to choose e-Education?

E-Education helps student absorb knowledge step by step according to their learning performance without time and space limitation. Meanwhile, under the features such as highly interactive and flexible, students can give feedback timely which enable to enhance the teaching experience. e-Education is the trend now and has been promoted in most of the developed countries.

What’s the difference between Ai3xue.com and other learning machines?

Most learning machines on the market come with native learning system and are bundled with a specific publisher. As a relatively closed system, the learning content within cannot be customized, and less interactive, few or no content updates will be provided. Ai3xue is an open platform hence it is free of booklists and the content can be tailored by schools according to the teaching requirements. The analytics & assessment modules nudge students to take self-assessment. Moreover, Ai3xue.com is universally applicable to IOS, Android, Windows; schools and parents need not to bear extra cost for devices.

Will “paperless education” affects reading and writing abilities of students?

No, Ai3xue.com promotes “paperless education” aiming to lessen the burden of paper book and the weight of the schoolbag instead of replacing the function of paper.

Compare to the traditional teaching method, is e-Education friendly to use? Will it distract students?

Ai3xue.com is an innovative e-Education solution which based on advanced awarding-winning Maestro technology, PMT provides technical support. Ai3xue.com has been approved by IBM China. It contains reporting module which enable educators tract student progress, the communication module enhance mutual communications between students, teachers and parents.

Our combined efforts can create

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